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Frank Bohac

President of BCS, Inc.

Mr. Bohac co-founded Bohac Consulting Services, Inc. in 1999 in order to bring a unique set of products and services to the customer community.

Previously he was the founder and president of Computer Systems Development, Inc.(CSD). This firm, which specialized in Internet development, Web Enablement of legacy systems, data processing outsourcing, facilities management, education and consulting services, had over 140 employees in offices in the United States and Australia at the time it was sold to Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) in 1999.

Frank has an unusually wide and unique background spanning over 40 years in a variety of technical and non-technical areas. He is known in the industry as a preeminent facilitator, strategic planner, and technical expert in mobile, Internet and desktop application development, Web Enablement and IBM mainframe operating and communications systems. He has excelled at all levels of management information systems from the machine room to the board room in both public and private organizations. He has performed all levels of MIS functions including business operations to management of technical, application, user, operations and systems areas. He has experience on key Internet and Microsoft technologies including ,Net, XML, AJAX, HTML, Visual Studio, DHTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, SQL Server, Oracle, ASP Classic, IIS, PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, etc.

His strategic planning skills have inspired innovative solutions at many customer organizations. Frank has participated in all major industry groups including financial, insurance, manufacturing, education, R&D, health care, hotel, time sharing, government and banking. In health care information systems he has engineered solutions ranging from Web Enablement, system performance tuning to facilities management and outsourcing. In the area of information management Mr. Bohac has authored over 100 courses on a wide range of topics.

This variety of experience and his broad view of data processing, its evolution - both technically and non-technically - and the relationship of the various industry components makes him a unique resource.

Mr. Bohac has been featured in Success Magazine and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. He has also been the subject of a number of newspaper and television articles as well as having been the featured speaker at a variety of seminars and conferences.

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